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Transform Any Outdoor Space: Explore the Versatility of Foldo’s Awnings & Designs. From Patios to Balconies: Find the Perfect Shade Solution with Foldo Cape Town.

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Unleash the full potential of your outdoor haven with Foldo’s comprehensive range of products.

We offer a variety of design solutions to suit any space, transforming your patio, balcony, veranda, porch, deck, or pool area into an inviting and functional extension of your living space.

Explore the diverse applications of Foldo’s products and discover the perfect way to create your dream outdoor retreat.

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    Patio Awnings

    Escape the harsh summer sun and create a cool, shady haven for relaxing or entertaining with our selection of patio awnings, including retractable awnings, drop awnings, and adjustable louvre awnings.

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  • Deck Covers

    Patio Shades

    Extend your living space and enjoy the outdoors year-round with our stylish and practical patio shade solutions. Foldo offers a variety of options, from retractable awnings to freestanding shade sails, to suit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

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    Patio Ceiling

    Transform Your Patio Experience: Discover Stylish & Functional Patio Ceilings in Cape Town. Also known as Underdeck Ceilings, create a Year-Round Oasis. Enhance Your Patio with Foldo’s Innovative Ceiling Solutions.

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    Create a touch of timeless elegance and functionality with a beautiful pergola from Foldo. Our pergolas can be customised with shade solutions like adjustable awnings or fabric canopies, providing the perfect balance of sun and shade.

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    Veranda Roof

    Transform your entrance or backyard into a grand and welcoming statement piece with a veranda designed by Foldo. We offer a variety of awning options to complement your home’s architectural style.

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    Porch Shade

    Make the most of your porch with a stylish and practical porch shade solution from Foldo. Our awnings, blinds, and shade sails offer welcome relief from the sun, allowing you to enjoy your porch throughout the day.

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  • Folding Arm Awnings

    Deck Covers

    Create a cool and inviting space for outdoor gatherings on your deck with a custom-designed deck shade solution from Foldo. Our retractable awnings, shade sails, and louvered roof systems offer a variety of options to suit your needs.

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    Balcony Awnings

    Don’t let limited space hold you back! Foldo offers a variety of space-saving balcony shade solutions, including retractable awnings, vertical blinds, and compact shade sails, that allow you to maximise your outdoor enjoyment.

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    Window Awning

    Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior & Interior Comfort with Foldo’s Window Awning Solutions.

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    Louvre Awnings

    Foldo manufactures both adjustable louvre awnings & fixed louvre awnings. Light, Ventilation, Beauty – Discover Precision Shade with Louvre Awnings.

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